London Day 3 / Dinner At Sparrow Italia


Well done, Japan (WC)!  It was incredible!



I forgot to write in my previous post but it’s December from today.  Every month seems to fly.  Only 4 weeks until Christmas!


On the 3rd day in London, which was yesterday, after lunch, we bought something we were hoping to buy in London, looked in a few shops and went back to the hotel room to drop the shopping and were planning to go out again.  However, I’d slept only a couple of hours on the day before (I woke up then couldn’t go back to sleep), I felt too sleepy so ended up having a long nap and didn’t go out again until evening.


I took the photos with my iPhone so sadly they are very bad.  iPhone can take quite good photos these days outside but not in a dark restaurant at night, I should have taken my camera with me.

夕食は、夫が予約してくれたイタリアン 「Sparrow Italia」。ホテルから歩いて5分ほどのところにありました。ちょっと調べてみたら、アメリカのロサンゼルスの高級イタリアン(煌びやかでクラブっぽいと書かれています)が出店して来たお店らしく、結構改まった感じのお店でした。

For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant, “Sparrow Italia” that my husband booked, it was about 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel.  I did a little research and it is a new “glitzy clubby Italian from LA”.  It did seem quite fancy.



My husband’s starter was Burrata cheese, which came with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and chilli flakes.

わたしはマッシュルームのアランチーニ。なぜか最近アランチーニばかりオーダーしている気がするのですが、最近(と言ってもここ10年とか 笑)メニューの品数が少ないお店が多くて、この数年、前菜でお魚やシーフードではないもの、ブラータチーズでもないもの、だとアランチーニしかチョイスがない、なんてことが多いのです。ここもそうでした。お味は悪くはなかったですが、かなり塩辛かったです。そして、揚げ物なので5個は多い、夫に2個食べてもらいました。

I had Arancini.  I seem to be ordering arancini so often these days, but it’s not that I particularly love them, it’s just because often that’s the only thing I can have because starters tend to be fish, seafood or burrata cheese. Restaurants don’t seem to have so many items on their menus these days.  They tasted fine but were quite salty and 5 of them is too much as they are deep-fried and very filling; my husband had 2 of them for me.



To follow I had Vegan Puttanesca.  Well, I really didn’t enjoy this one.  The pasta was way too al dente, too much hardness to be able to enjoy and I didn’t care for the sauce either.  I was glad it was very small portion but if it were good I would have been disappointed with the quantity.  I guess they expect you to have pasta course before a main dish.



My husband had sea bass.  He was saying it was delicious, but then he started to find lots of small bones.  He cannot eat fish with small bones, so he had to give up eating.   Apparently, ‘butterflied sea bass’ is supposed to have small bones, or that’s what we were told by a staff.  I’m not totally sure if that is true, I did some search online but people seem to pull out the small bones with tweezers before cooking, but then again, I don’t know.  Anyway, it was a shame that my husband couldn’t enjoy it when he enjoyed the taste so much.  Side dishes were butter beans and roast potatoes.



For dessert, I had pistachio cannoli.  The shell was very different from what I had in Italy.



My husband had affogato.


With a bottle of red wine (£62) and service charge, it was £220, which I guess is what people expect at a high end restaurant in London.  (I forgot that this amount didn’t include the dessert because when we asked about the bones of the fish the staff told us it’s supposed to have small bones left but he understands my husband wasn’t able to enjoy it so they would not charge for the dessert.)




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