Christmas Wreath 2022


I ordered a Christmas wreath from this online shop this year.  I asked if they could use succulents and in make it in a contemporary style and this is what they sent to me and I love it.  Most of the wreaths I see in England are traditional style and I’d sort of given up the idea of getting a contemporary style one but I’m glad I asked them.


This is on our main front door, but I’m going to make a wreath later this week at a workshop with a friend and we’ll be putting that up on our side door (near the garage).


When we were putting the wreath up, we saw our next door neighbour putting up a ladder so he can fix the Christmas lights and my husband told me that he saw another one of our neighbours putting their lights up when he went up to the post box.  I guess many people are doing the same, as we are now into December.  We must go and get a tree soon.






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