Deconstructed Toad In The Hole

先日のオンラインスーパーのデリバリーにソーセージを入れたので、今日の夕食はソーセージを使うことにしました。夫は「Toad In the Hole」(ヨークシャープディングにソーセージを入れて焼いたもの)はどう?と言ったのですが、わたしはちょっとべちゃっとした食感が余り好きではないので、ソーセージはソーセージで焼いてヨークシャープディングはヨークシャープディングで焼くことにしました。付け合わせは、人参とシュガー・スナップ・ピー。グレービーもたっぷりかけて、美味しくいただきました。ヨークシャープディングがぺちゃんこに見えますが、ちゃんと良い具合に膨れて軽くて美味しく焼けました、使った容器が大きすぎたのでした。

I put sausages (M&S Apple Sausage) in the order delivered by our online supermarket the other day, so we decided to use them for dinner today.  My husband suggested Toad In The Hole but I don’t like the soggy texture that this sometimes has, so we decided to cook the sausages and Yorkshire Pudding separately and had them with carrots and sugar snap peas, and of course, gravy.  We enjoyed it very much.  The Yorkshire pudding looks flat but it did rise very well and it was very nice and light, it’s just that the tin we used was too big for the amount of batter.


When we were doing washing up, we found something we’d completely forgotten: roast parsnips in our Japanese oven toaster.  We very very seldom use it for cooking (we use it for toasting bread or making cheese on toast or warming up French bread etc, but it does have a function to be used as a small oven) and it works with a timer so we’d totally forgotten.  The parsnips were very nicely roasted, soft and sweet and delicious.  Shame we didn’t remember them before we finished our dinner.





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