Dinner at Terra


We went to Terra for dinner today. It’s been a while since we’d been there because it’s become very hard to get a reservation since they received a Michelin Star.  I had to book a table a few weeks in advance.


As usual, we took the middle one of their 3 Omakase menu options.


The 1st dish was Capaccio.   The beef is from Japan and is a part called “Senbon” – it means 1000 lines.  Apparently there is only 600 g or so of this part out of a whole cow.  It was served with Hokkaido asparagus, cheese with truffle etc.  It was delicious.



The 2nd dish was Jerusalem Artichoke soup, which was also delicious.




The 3rd dish was fresh porcini from Tuscany in Italy and organic egg from Japan.  Very nice.



The 4th dish was pasta with Kurobuta ragu.  To me this is a little gamy but my husband really loves it.



The main was Japanese beef with potato gratine and puree of celeriac.  The beef was caramelised and crispy outside and tender inside, the potato was crispy on top and creamy inside.  The celeriac puree was lovely and sweet.



The dessert was Japanese black fig granita & jello, calamansy sorbet.  Very light.




We ordered a bottle of wine (about S$150), a bottle of sparkling water and my husband had espresso after the meal and the bill was about S$600.  It is very expensive but we feel OK because we really enjoyed the dinner.  In terms of volume, it seems to be different every time and today it was on the lighter side, we felt we could have had another dish or a larger size of the pasta.  Still, after a while we felt full enough so it was good for us, I suppose.



Terra – Tokyo Italian
54 Tras Street
Singapore 078993

Tel: 6221 5159


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