Jamie Oliver’s Sausage Fusilli

今日の夕食は、Jamie Oliverの(最近彼のレシピが良く登場してますよね、ネット検索ですぐレシピを探せるので便利なのです)ソーセージのパスタ。「男が好きなソーセージのパスタ」というタイトルになっています。スパイシーイタリアンソーセージを使いました。

Today’s dinner is Jamie Oliver’s “Proper Blocke’s Sausage Fusilli”.  I seem to be using his recipes very often, it’s because it’s easy to search on internet.  I used spicy Italian sausage.


After sauteeing sausage meat breaking it up, you add some bashed fennel seeds and dried red chilli and sautee them together for a while, then add white wine, let it reduce and add lemon rind and lemon juice and the sauce is done.  I want to have some vegetables so I added some onion and pepper in the beginning.


Well, that was the plan, but I ended up having different type of sausages.  I needed raw type but ended up having a Frankfurt type.  I didn’t have time to go and change them so I added some fresh tomatoes to make the sauce easier to coat the pasta.







It wasn’t too bad.




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