Chicken Schnitzel & Salsa


Today’s dinner was Chicken Schnitzel & Salsa that I saw in this Japanese blog I read.  Chicken Schnitzel is very simple.  All you do is to open up chicken breast and bash it to make it nice and thin, put some flour, dip it in whipped egg, then put some bread crumb and cook in some olive oil.  I’ve tried it with the authentic veal and also pork fillet but veal and pork you get here taste too gamy for me to cook so simple, this chicken breast version worked better for me.  It was very tender, light and delicious.


I made salsa more simple than the original recipe.  I just mixed some chopped new onion (from Japan, so good) and tomato (also from Japan), salt, pepper, lemon juice and coriander leaves.  It’s good on its own but went so well with chicken schnitzel.  Such a good idea.


I also made some roasted potato but they got cooked much faster than I expected and I let them burn a little.  They still tasted quite sweet and good but look awful…





Both Schnitzel and salsa was simple but delicious, my husband also loved it so I think I’ll be cooking this regularly.  You only need a little oil, it’s very quick to make, better than veal or pork for your health as well.






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