Butter Chicken

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、Australian Women’s Weekly の「Great Chicken Cookbookからバターチキンでした。そういえばしばらく使っていませんでしたが、Australian Women’s Weekly のお料理本はまだ日本に住んでいた頃にお料理上手、おもてなし上手のお友達から教えていただいて、香港に行くと買い込んでいた本で、このバターチキンのレシピのように必ずしも本格的ではなくても味はとても良いレシピが多く、信用できる料理本。多分本当に試作を何度もしたレシピばかりなのでしょう。これまで、このシリーズのレシピで美味しくなかったということは余りなかったように思います。このバターチキンもとても美味しかったです。

Tonight’s dinner my husband cooked was Butter Chicken from Australian Women’s Weekly’s “Great Chicken Cookbook”.  Many many years ago when we were still living in Japan, a friend of mine, who was very good at cooking and entertaining introduced me to “Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks” and I used to buy them whenever we travelled to Hong Kong.  Like this butter chicken recipe, I guess many of the recipes are not necessarily “authentic” but they all seem to taste very good and I trust their recipes. I guess they really do try the recipes before putting them in the books.  I don’t think there have been many (if any) recipes that I tried from the series and I didn’t like.  This butter chicken was also very good.


I set the table with silver and blue today.





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