Lunch With Friends – Jamie’s Italian

今日は、お友達お2人とランチをご一緒しました。フォーラムの Jamie’s Italian。夜は結構行っていますが、ランチは久しぶり。以前はランチタイムはガラガラでしたが、今日は適度に入っていました。

I had lunch with a couple of friends at Jamie’s Italian in Forum.  I go there with my husband relatively often for dinner but I haven’t been there much at lunch time.  I remember it was very quiet when I was there before for lunch but it was, I would say, about half-full today.


We decided to share 2 starters and 2 pasta dishes between the three of us.


One of the starters was Pumpkin Arancini.  One of the friends commented that they didn’t taste very Italian.  I think the filling was quite lightly seasoned and not traditional tomato sauce risotto (it was, as the title said, pumpkin risotto with a hint of, I think, nutmeg?) so I agree it doesn’t seem traditional Italian.  I quite like them because it’s very light, not oily and very crispy but a little extra seasoning would probably improve them.




The other starter was Burrata with tomatoes.



One of the pasta dishes was Penne Arrabiata.  As you can see it had quite a lot of fresh chilli in it so some parts were extremely spicy but I personally liked it, it was quite light and fresh.  They look like macaroni rather than penne but the texture was good.



The other pasta was what I often order – Genaro’s Bolognese.  I don’t know why but this dish varies so much each time I have it.   In terms of how much spice it has, how thick the sauce is, how much sauce is used – sometimes very nice, sometimes awful.  If you compare the photo below to this, for example, you can see how different they are.  I think I probably had this something like 7 times so far and it’s been different almost every time.


Today’s had too little sauce.  I hate it when it has too much sauce but I don’t like it when it’s too little either because it makes the pasta very dry.  We were chatting too much and the pasta was almost cold by the time we started eating so that was one reason why I didn’t enjoy it, but also the ratio of the pasta and the sauce was just too unbalanced.   As I said, it varies too much in terms of how much spice it has, how thick the sauce is, how much sauce is used, how salty it is…  It’s OK if it’s home cooked food, but this is a restaurant.




2 starters and 2 pasta dishes between 3 of us was about the right quantity for us.  The bill was S$30 per person, which seems inexpensive.  We had a bottle of sparkling water to share but didn’t have any dessert or drink like tea or coffee after the meal.



We then moved to somewhere else for tea and continued our chat.  It was great to catch up with them.




Jamie’s Italian
583 Orchard Road
#01-01/04 Forum Shopping Mall
Singapore 23884

Tel: 66557676


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