Terra – Lunch With A Friend

今日はお友達とランチをご一緒しました。お友達は、「美味しいパスタが食べたいです!」とおっしゃったので考えてみたのですが特に美味しいパスタのお店を思いつくことが出来ず、金曜日に行ったばかりですが Terra をご提案。夜はお高いですが、お昼はリーズナブルなコースがあるので。エクスプレス・ランチという前菜、パスタ、デザートのコース(S$42++)をいただきました。

I had lunch with a friend today.  My friend wanted to have a good pasta but I could not think of an Italian restaurant that always serves good pasta and in the end we went to Terra althogh I’d been there only on Friday.  Dinner is expensive here but lunch is relatively reasonable, we had their Express Lunch – starter, pasta & dessert is S$42++.


Amuse was pumpkin puree with some creamy cheese, I think.  I’ve tried to take a photo of this amuse at dinner many times but it’s almost impossible as the cup is so small and the amount is even smaller.  A bit easier with iPhone.



My friend’s starter was Bonito, which she enjoyed.



My starter was some Japanese mushrooms, Japanese egg and some other elements…



Pasta was spring cabbage and bamboo shoot – different from the dinner on Friday.  I requested for an oil based & a little spicy pasta dish.  Very nice!



Dessert was Tiramisu.



Then we had tea.


We were enjoying our chat after lunch and suddenly noticed we were the only customers left, it was only 2.30 but everyone had gone so we asked for the bill.  It was a little less than $64 per person – we shared a bottle of sparkling water and also had tea.  I was comfortably full and enjoyed it all.


As it was only 2.30 we decided to continue our chat over tea in the cafe oppositi the restaurant.  We both had Lychee Oolong tea.  Here you order and pay at the counter first, then they’ll bring what you ordered to your table.  The lighting was awful, very bright and very white, but the tea was good.






It was lovely to see my friend and have a good chat.


54 Tras Street
Singapore 078993

Tel: 6221 5159


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