The Savoy Grill

昨日の夕食は、滞在しているホテルの「The Savoy Grill」でいただきました。店内がとても暗かったので ISO をかなり上げたのですが上げたりていなかったらしく、写真はどれも暗くてぼけていました。修正しても限度があるので酷い写真ですが。

We had dinner at The Savoy Grill yesterday at the hotel.  The photos are of bad quality because the restaurant was very dark.  I thought I used a high enough ISO but I obviously didn’t.


For a starter my husband had Foie Gras Pate, which he enjoyed.  I wasn’t able to find anything I liked so I asked them if they would add extra mushroom instead of the snails in the Escargot, mushroom, pancetta & potato.  I used to eat escargot but one day I saw the exact shape of one and that put me off.  This dish was too salty for me but I ate it drinking wine and water.


For the main, my husband had Fillet Steak and I had Beef & Onion Pudding and we shared side dishes of honey glazed carrot and chips.  My husband enjoyed his steak and we both enjoyed the chips very much – I think their chips are the best I’ve had.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like the beef & onion pudding.  The outside of the pudding has suet, which I knew but hoped I would not mind but it smelled too animal-like to me.  I had tried a small bite only once before when my husband had one of them and I didn’t like it then but I was somehow hoping this one would be different.  Well, it wasn’t.  I did eat most of the filling but it was also very salty.  The beef was very dry as well but I guess that is intentional, they probably use lean beef because the outside has suet and is heavy.


For a dessert, we had Tarte Tatin.  It is a large portion (you have to order for 2 and it’s a whole one) but I was able to enjoy all of it this time because I didn’t eat much of the main and I wasn’t too full.  The wine my husband chose after talking to the Japanese Sommelier was also very nice.


To be honest, I don’t like their cooking very much.  The menu is very small and very English, and so is the flavour.  Too traditional for me.  However, my husband likes the atmosphere here and I can understand that.  It’s very English, luxurious but not in your face.

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