Dishoom (Indian)


We moved from London to the New Forest today. We arrived and left London in the rain, but we were lucky that it was good weather in between while we were there. Although we take taxied a lot we also walked a lot and it wouldn’t have been nice to walk in the rain.

昨日のランチは、Dishoom でインド料理。ロンドンでお気に入りのレストランです。

Yesterday, we had lunch at Dishoom, which is one of our favorite restaurants in London.

野菜のサモサ、Dishoom 風コールスロー、チキンカレー、ライス、ナンというオーダー。夕食が早めだったので少なめにオーダーしたのですが、もう1品何かオーダーすれば良かったね、という感じでした。インド料理は色々食べたくてついついオーダーし過ぎてしまって食べきれないのが常ですが、珍しく綺麗に食べてしまいました。どれも美味しかったです。

Vegetable Samosas, Dishoom Coleslaw, Chicken Curry, plain rice and plain naan. We ordered less than usual because we knew our dinner was going to be early but we probably should have ordered one more small dish. We tend to order too many dishes when we have Indian and end up leaving some but we cleaned all up yesterday. We enjoyed everything.

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