Joe Allen

昨日はジャズライブに行く予定があったので、夕食は早い時間にホテル近くの Joe Allen に行きました。ここは食事はそれほど美味しくない気がしますが、ニューヨークのお店っぽい雰囲気で活気もあって良い感じですし、昨日のように夜予定がある時は便利なので何度か行っています。

We were going to a jazz live so we had an early dinner at Joe Allen, which is very near the hotel we were staying. I don’t think their food is that good but we like the NY restaurant atmosphere and it always have a great vibe and it’s convenient when we are staying at the Savory as it’s so close.


For a starter we both had Smiked Chicken Terrine.


I had Roast Vegetable and Hummous Salad with Harissa dressing.

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