Brubecks at Ronnie Scotts

昨日のジャズライブは、ロニー・スコッツでの Brubecks の演奏でした。メンバーのピアノの方とギターの方は兄弟なのですが、お父様が作られて世界的にヒットした曲、「テイク・ファイブ」が演奏最後の曲でした。日本をイメージして作られたという「琴ソング」の演奏もありました。座ったところは真横だったので、ドラムスの演奏が全く見えなくて残念でしたが、2部ともとても楽しめました。

The jazz show we went to see was the Brubecks at Ronnie Scotts. The piano player, the bass player, and the drummer are all sons of Dave Brubeck who composed the worldwide hit “Take Five” – a song they played as their last number. They also played “Koto Song”, which was from the 1960s Brubeck album, “Impressions of Japan”. I enjoyed their performance on both sets they played. It was a shame we weren’t able to see the drummer at all because our table was on the side of the stage and the piano and the guitar player blocked him from us completely.

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