Din Tai Fung

今日のランチは、ホテルから歩いて直ぐのところにある、鼎泰豊に行ってきました。Hello Fresh で結構アジアっぽい料理も食べてはいますが、外食はほぼ洋食なのでこういう系のお料理が少し恋しくなっています。

We went to Din Tai Fung for lunch before leaving London as we found a branch very close to our hotel. We do choose oriental dishes on Hello Fresh most weeks, but eating out has been mainly western food so I’ve started to miss this kind of food.


We checked out of the hotel, asking them to keep our luggage until we got back, and walked to the restaurant. We arrived at there 5 or 6 minutes before 12:00 and found out they don’t open until noon. I read the sign, which said it opens at 12.00, and an western guy with a little baby in his arms said “Opens at 12.00, you queue there and I queue behind you.” Then he talked to his baby saying “ The best dumplings in London!” It opened at exactly noon but by then I think about 7 people were queuing behind us. It was quiet for a while after opening so I don’t think you need to queue if you get there fairly early. The interior looked more posh than we had expected.


We ordered Oriental Vegetable Salad, Prawn and Pork Gyoza, Pork Dumplings (5), Noodles with Spicy Sauce and Steamed Buns Filed With Bean Paste. We also ordered 2 Oolong Tea as they serve tea in individual cups here rather than teapots.


I think we could have had one more dish easily as it wasn’t too filling. The bill was about £50. It is more expensive than in Hong Kong or Singapore, but that is expected. We did enjoy everything.

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