今日の夕食は、スーパーで買った Pizza Express のピザとサラダ。パリか戻ってすぐに買って冷凍していたのにミニトマトを足して、オーブンで焼きました。お店で食べるとそこそこ美味しいと思うけれど、余り美味しくなかったな、焼き足りなかったのかも。外側はカリカリになっていたけど、他はふにゃふにゃでした。

Today’s dinner was Pizza Express’s pizza that we bought and put in the freezer soon after we came back from Paris. We added some mini tomatoes on top and cooked in the oven and had it with a salad. We haven’t been to Pizza Express so many times but when we have we enjoyed their food enough, but I didn’t enjoy this pizza. Maybe we didn’t cook it long enough, the outside was very crispy the rest was very floppy.

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