Spring Is Just Around The Corner


As well as yesterday, it’s a beautiful day today although still quite cold. In the garden of the cottage we are renting from our friends some daffodils are finally opening up. I hear it was very warm today in Tokyo but it’s still around 12C here. However the forecast says we’ll have good weather all week this coming week! Yay! Maybe the spring is finally around the corner!


The situation with Coronavirus had been changed fast recently here in the UK. It’s been strongly recommended to keep social distance, stressing that elderly people and people with underlined illness are at high risk of getting seriously ill or even killed by the virus etc. and looking after their grandchildren is highly risky for elderly people, people to work from home when possible etc. Adding to all that, they finally closed the school and cafe, restaurants and pubs at the end of the last Friday.

当然、食料品などの買い溜めにも拍車がかかっている様子。ネットオーダーはNHSで働いている方や70歳以上のお年寄り優先なので、わたし達の番がいつ来るかわかりません。Hello Fresh のデリバリーがこのまま続けば、とりあえず、それほど困らないとは思いますが、多少の不安は付き纏います。みんなに物が渡るようにと思い、しようと思えばできた段階で買い溜めというほどトイレットペーパーも食料品も買っていないわたしたち。買い溜めした人たちの皺寄せが来ないことを祈っていますが、子供の時から「正直モノが馬鹿を見る」を絵に描いたようなわたし、嫌な予感がします(涙)。

Naturally, people are buying even more food. Online shopping is available to those working for NHS and elderly people but as far as we can see we cannot use it and we don’t know when our turn will come. We haven’t been buying a lot of toilet rolls or foods, thinking we shouldn’t so everyone can get what they need. As long as Hello Fresh can deliver our needs we should be OK but we wonder if they will fit how long. I’ve always been this way since I was very small, I try to do what I feel is the right thing to do but I must say it almost always left me feeling stupid because those who ignored the rules got it without any punishment. I seriously hope that isn’t going to be the case and things will calm down quickly so we’ll be able to get hold of what we need.


It looks like the renovation has been completed and the cleaning is being done and will be finished on Monday, so we’ll be able to move back to our house on Monday!! We are grateful that as well as the workers worked hard, the interior designer worked on weekends doing the things like cleaning and moving furniture that are not really her jobs.

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