Hot Dog (Japanese Way)


I thought we’d make Japanese style hot dogs for a lunch so ordered hot dog buns when I was ordering food on the online supermarket.  The sausages used are Japanese style sausages (crispy skin, a little smokey and the type you can eat without cooking) and I sauteed cabbage with added curry powder.  I’ve written this before but my Mum used to make hot dogs and she always put some sauteed cabbage with curry powder.  The buns have to be grilled!


When I had a hot dog in the US for the first time ever, it shocked me because it was disgusting.  It was kept warm in a steaming thing so was sort of wet and yuk. It’s probably because we had it in Yosemite, which is a touristy place, but as far as I know they aren’t often grilled in the US.


However, the hot dog buns today were awful.  When you bit into it the texture was very sticky.  I find many breads in England feel sticky.  It was very disappointing.






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