Russian Snowdrop


I was looking out our garden where several little narisuses are blooming and saw a little spot of white, so looked through our binoculars and it did look it could be a snowdrop but also looked like a cluster of flowers rather than a usual snowdrop.  I told my husband that it might be a snowdrop and he went over to the spot and took a photo to check what it was on a phone application – he found out it is a Russian snowdrop!  I’d never seen it before.  It has a cluster of very pale flowers with blue stripes, it looks more like a little hyacinth.  Very sweet!  I hope many more will come out soon.





I thought snowdrop season had finished, maybe because we planted them late but maybe these are the type that come out later.


My husband ordered and planted all the spring bulps so I don’t know what will come out.  Well, my husband doesn’t seem to know what will come out either as he’d forgotten what he ordered and planted.  They are going to be all surprises.




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