Katsu Curry


Today’s dinner was Katsu Curry – Pork Cutlet Curry.  I know people in England think Katsu Curry is chicken but in Japan it’s usually pork.  This might be my first time to cook Katsu curry.  (I might’ve used left-over curry and made Katsu Curry once or twice.)  My husband seems to like it very much as he sometimes orders it in a restaurant in Japan, but I prefer to have pork cutlets as Tonkatsu with rice and cabbage and Tonkatsu sauce and to have curry as curry.



We would normally put a lot of vegetables in a curry but not today as the main thing is the pork cutlets, so the curry is just curry sauce.  I did use a lot of vegetables, though, in making the sauce.  I sauteed cumin seeds first then added a mixture of onion, carrot, celery and apple (chopped them in a food processor until they are almost paste), plus garlic & ginger, in a cast iron pan then put the lid on and let it cook slowly on a low heat for 30 minutes or so until it’s very sweet.  I then added curry powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, fenegreek powder, cayenne pepper & black pepper and sateed all for a few minutes, then added a couple of tomatoes from a tin.  After sauteeing for a few more minutes, I added water and vegetable stock, then simmered for a further 30 minutes or so before adding some Japanese curry roux.





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