House Renovation Completed (Hall, Stairs, Back Door)


Hall and the stairs.  The black thing on the wall is a coat hanger.  We had a large mat enbedded at the door by our carpenter, where you can take your shoes off.  Many people do take their shoes off in England, too, but they don’t care so much just where they do it, and when the doormat is small they don’t often take them off on the mat itself so the floor around it gets waked on with shoes.  As the door opens inwards the loose doormat we had there before would often get pushed and we had to keep putting it back in place; it didn’t look neat.  In our homes in Hong Kong and Singapore there was no special place to take your shoes off like you get in Japan but the roads are all asphalt and we lived in an apartment so it wasn’t too bad, but here the road in front of us isn’t asphalt and the soil can come in, which bothered me a lot.  Now that we have this mat it looks neat, we can take our shoes off on the mat, the door doesn’t push it and not as much soil comes in.


We were using the Chinese black cabinet for dishes in Singapore but we are keeping shoes in there now.










We have also had a mat embedded in front of the side door near the garage and also the back door to go out to the garden.  The side door is the one we use and most guests use because that’s right beside where you park a car.


Although we now have this mat it’s not always easy to take our shoes on and off when they are boots or have shoe laces so we would end up sitting on the stairs (that go up to my husband’s music room), so we had this folding chair installed on the wall right beside the mat.  There are some holes left in the wall because a coat hanger bar was here before (we had it moved) but the holes will be filled and painted over soon.




There is no space for a shoe cabinet here, so we bought 2 shoe racks and had them installed on a wall.







There is one more room that I haven’t blogged, it’s a small room that the people who lived here before us were using as a study, we haven’t done anything to it and are using it as a storage room at the moment.  We don’t have a garage now so we need somewhere to store things like Christmas tree decorations, large suitcases etc.  We are planning to put some shelves so we can keep other smaller things, too.



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