Sakura, Beautiful Weather & Sunbathing



It’s another beautiful day today.  I don’t know if there has ever been such beautiful weather for so many days in England.  The temperature now is 19C!  The weather forecast was showing sun mark until next Thursday until just the other day, but it’s changed and now showing a rain mark on Tuesday and that the temperature will go down to 11C highest and will not go higher for a while.

My husband is taking the advantege of the weather while it lasts!




The shoes he is wearing are the ones he wears in the garden.  Japanese people must be horrified seeing this photo, we would never ever put our feet on a table let alone with shoes on!  I’m fed up telling him so I just close my eyes these days.


Incidentally, this photo is sort of a joke.   Before my husband retired, he used to send photos of his feet up with some kind of a drink – beer, wine or cockail – with a background of somewhere beautiful to his collegues.



The cherry blossoms are going now, when they were at their best while we were in New Forest – they don’t last long.




We had a stroll in our garden again today.  With such good weather, there are many ‘new’ things in the garden every day, a new flower, new buds, they grow fast.  We love finding something new in the garden every day.



One thing I feel is good when we go on holiday is that we go out every day.  We are sort of forced to go out because there aren’t many things that we love that we can do in the accommodation – there is no wi-fi, or the wi-fi is slow if there is any, terrestrial TV has nothing on, the sound is not good when you play music, no craft to work on etc, etc.  The room isn’t usually as comfortable as at home either.  If the weather is bad we may not, but as long as the weather is good we go out.  Even though there are many places we can go and we want to go around here, staying home is just so attractive to us as we have lots of things we enjoy at home, we often end up spending a whole day at home.




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