Spaghetti Carbonara (One Pan Recipe)


Today’s dinner was Spaghetti Carbonara.  We’ve made Spaghetti Carbonara following a few different recipes over the years, but we tried a new recipe today – this one.  You use just one frying pan from the start to the end.  Sautee pancetta in a frying pan until brown, add water, let it boil then add pasta and salt.  Spread the pasta so they won’t be stuck together and let them stay in water before putting the lid on and turning the heat off.  Come back 2 minutes before the recommended boiling time, put the heat on again and let it cook as you stir the pasta so it’ll cook evenly.  When the water is gone check the doneness.  If it’s still hard add a little water again and cook further.  When it’s the right doneness, turn the heat off and add a mixture of eggs, parmesan cheese (she used Pecorino Romano) & pepper, mix it together very well.


I’ve tried a similar recipe that you use only one frying pan to cook a pasta dish, I think it was tomato base and was a very popular recipe but I hated the result.  It had very strange texture because of the starch from the pasta.  However, I thought we can try this one because the starch from the pasta can work as a benefit for Carbonara and the result was quite good.  You may need to make some adjustment – I needed to add boiling water a few times to cook the pasta to the right doneness.  I find it harder to get it right when you use whole eggs rather than egg yolks only or more egg yolks than whole because the sauce tends to be looser, but in this recipe, the starch from the pasta helped.  I had to put it on a low heat again, though, because I found that the sauce didn’t look cooked at all.  I would say I like the texture of the sauce using egg yolks only, but this one was lighter and it did thicken so I didn’t mind.


I found the texture slightly strange because of the starch from pasta but it didn’t bother us too much so maybe we’ll use this recipe again.  The kitchen doesn’t get as hot as when you boil pasta in a huge pan, and I don’t have to wash the huge pan after dinner.


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