Catch Up Lunch With Friends


We had lunch today with our friends that we hadn’t seen for a while.  Our friends, who have grandchildren, are very busy during the summer holidays and around Christmas, so we hadn’t seen them for about 5 months as the last time we got together was in April to see tulips.  A whole year goes like this.



We went to a pub “Juggs” near Lewes.  Although it now feels a little chilly, flowers are still looking lovely.




My husband was the only one who had a starter.  Mini Burrata.  Although Burrata is mini, the whole dish was quite a large portion.



He had Beef Pie for the main – we had a beef pie only a few days ago…  He said it was really good.



I had Grilled Chicken Breast with chumichuri sauce, Hasselback potatoes, and green bean salad.  The chumichuri sauce was quite nice but I wish they had given me a little more, not quite enough for the size of the chicken breast.




The portion of my main was on the small side so we had a dessert each, we both had Sticky Toffee Puddhing.  Very very sweet…  The menu said “Madagascan Vanilla Custard” but I couldn’t see any beans and couldn’t taste any vanilla, it was just very sweet yellowy liquid, I don’t think it was real custard.




Our friends have just had their 3rd grandchild so we talked about the baby as well as travels etc and we said we would go and see the autumn leaves again in October together.


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