Chilli Con Carne


It was a lovely sunny day today.  After the long hot (for England anyway) and dry days, it has been raining often, so it was lovely to have a sunny day again.  Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like we’ll have nice weather for a while but the temperature is dropping fast as I expected.  The highest is still 18C or 19C, so warm enough, but the lowest temperature will be below 10C from tomorrow, and it’ll be 6C on Saturday!  I remember it was bitterly cold when we moved to England in November, three years ago, so I’m expecting the ‘nice days’ in England will be only in the next 1 month or so, after that it’ll start feeling more wintery, cold wet and dark so I would like to go out a little more before the winter comes.



Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carne, which is one of my husband’s favourites.  We are so used to cooking it, it was nice and easy to do and we enjoyed it very much as always.




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