Potting Workshop

昨日は、Hillier Garden Centre という園芸店のチェーンでポットとハンギングバスケットの植え込みのワークショップがあったので、昨日夫と参加してきました。1人につき、ポットかハンギングバスケットを2つずつ(ポット1つとハンギングバスケット1つでもオーケー)に植え込みをして、お茶かコーヒーとスコーンがついて50ポンドとお得な金額でした。植物は、お花はビオラかシクラメン(色は何種類かずつありました)だけでしたが、グリーン系は結構たくさんのチョイスがありました。

We joined a workshop for planting pots and hanging baskets at a Hillier Garden Centre yesterday.  Each person can plant 2 pots or hanging baskets – or one of each – and you also get tea or coffee and a scone. Cost was 50 pounds, which seems very good value.  The choice of flowers was just 2, viola or cyclamen (there were different colours) but there were quite a few choices of greens.




We planted 1 pot and 1 hanging basket each.






The pots didn’t look right when we tried them near the existing large pots because the balance was wrong, so we put them here, I think they look OK.



They have spring bulb planting workshop in October and I’d love to take it but we don’t have anywhere we could put more pots in our garden.


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