London Day 2 / The Connaught Patisserie

ランチの後、タクシーで The Connaught Patisserie まで行きました。比較的最近出来たケーキ屋さん。イギリスでは日本にある見た目も綺麗で繊細で美味しいケーキはなかなk手に入らないのですが、ロンドンには結構フランス風のケーキ屋さんがあるようで、こちらは比較的最近出来たコノートという高級ホテルのケーキ屋さんですが、ホテル内にではなくお隣にあります。

After lunch we took a taxi to The Connaught Patisserie, which is a relatively new patisserie. In England these French/Japanese style cakes, which look beautiful and taste delicate, are not available outside London as far as I know but there are some good patisseries in London. This one belongs to the Connaught Hotel the shop was next to the hotel, not inside.




This is what happened to one of our £12 cakes when my husband carried it.



It wasn’t what I expected, there was no sponge used at all, the base is marrangue, it was so large I had trouble finishing it. To a typical Japanese probably about a half is the right size. Maybe I should have chosen St. Honore or some mousse type.


My husband always chooses chocolate cake, he said it was very nice.

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