London Day 2 / Dinner At Hachi (Yakiniku)

今日の夕食は、Hachi (八)という日本の焼肉屋さんに行って見ました。日本に帰ると必ず行きますが、しばらく帰っていないのでしばらく食べていません。前回ロンドンに来た時にKintanという焼肉屋さんに行きましたが、そのKintanとこのHachiがロンドンでは美味しいと言われているようです。

For tonight’s dinner, we went to a yakiniku restaurant (Japanese style Korean BBQ) called Hachi. We always go to a yakiniku place in Japan when we go back there but we hadn’t had proper yakiniku for more than four years as we haven’t been back to Japan for that long.  We did go to one called Kintan last time when we were in London. I think Kintan and Hachi are supposed to be the two best yakiniku restaurants in London.


Assortment of Kimchi.


Assortment of Namulu (salads).


Beef Rib (not Japanese). Good taste but very chewy. There were a coupe of pieces that were not too chewy, which were good, but most of them were so chewy that we had to just swallow them.


Wagyu Kuroge Beef Ribs. Very tender, very juicy, but it was too fatty for me. My husband really enjoyed them, though. I would have loved it if it were somewhere between the less expensive non-Japanese and this Japanese one in terms of fat.


Chicken & Vegetable Gyoza. For some reason, most gyozas we see in England are with chicken & vegetable filling rather than traditional pork. We thought these were the best gyoza we’ve had in England so far and ended up ordering another set.


We felt we wanted a little more something but didn’t want to have any more beef, so tried the vegetable croquettes. I thought it was a bit oily but not too bad.


For dessert, we had mochi ice cream. My husband had matcha flavour and I had sesame flavour. Mochi ice cream seems to be very popular in England at the moment.


With 2 and a half pints of draft beer and the service, it was £130. With the Kuroge Wagyu, as well as quite a few other items, I suppose it’s what you would expect. Personally, we preferred this restaurant, Hachi to Kintan, the one we tried last time.

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