London Day 2 / Lunch At Dishoom


We went to Dishoom for lunch today. Like Din Tai Fung, we almost always go to Dishoom when we are in London. Although it’s Indian, it’s a little different from a typical Indian in England.


We almost always have this beer in an Indian restaurant.

手前がサモサ。ここのサモサはとても小さいです。奥が Dishoom House Chaat。ヨーグルトや甘酸っぱいソースがかかっていて、カリカリ食感のものや雛豆などが入ったサラダのようなもの。美味しかったです。

The plate closer to you have vagetable samosas, samosas here are quite small. The other one is Dishoom House Chaat, which has chick peas, something very crunchy, some other vegetables and yoghurt & sweet and sour sauce. We enjoyed it.


When we were in London in June we had this for the first time and loved it, it’s Broccoli & Chilli Salad. We even made it at home once. It has broccoli, chilli, sunflower seeds, dates and you squeese lime over it, very tasty.


And chicken curry, rice, naan. We enjoyed everything.


Including a bottle of sparkling water and service, it was £64, which is what we expect as eating out in England is expensive comparing to Japan. We often order too much and cannot finish everything, but we must’ve ordered just the right amount today as we finished everything. We would have loved to have fried okuras but being deep-fried with batter they are too filling so we didn’t order it.


As we went to the Covent Garden branch, we walked 20 or 30 minutes from our hotel. Although it has gone quite chilly, there hasn’t been much wind so it’s comfortable enough to walk as you get warm as you walk. We came back to the hotel after lunch but went out again on foot so we walked more than 10,000 steps today.


We walked more when we were here in June, though. At that time the temperature was very high but it wasn’t humid so it was quite comfortable to walk or sit in shades. It was also nice to sit at a cafe, drink something and do peaple watching. This time it is too cold to sit outside, so I guess we’ll be spending more time in our hotel room.

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