Embroidery Progress


I brought the embroidery kit I’m working on with me for the holiday, although I didn’t think I would use it. As expected, I didn’t feel like doing it on the first or second day because it felt a little silly to do embroidery at the poolside. However, I kept getting sleepy when I tried to read or did some internet on the phone, dozed off and eventually I had quite a long nap on both days. Having been laying down for a long time I started having backache so I decided to try to do the embroidery today – and it worked, I didn’t get sleepy. It looks like I will finish it before the holiday ends, though.


I must say this is too small a pattern for me to get used to doing any of the stitches enough until my hands get used to them but I’m enjoying it. I feel I should practice on a cheaper fabric just to practice the stitches because these kits are quite expensive, a small kit like this cost something like £45.

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