Lavender Farm

今日は、ラベンダーを見に行きました。去年行ってとても広くて素敵だった「Mayfield Lavender Farm」、ここから1時間ちょっとかかるところにあります。

We went to see lavender today to “Mayfield Lavender Farm”, where we went last year, it’s about an hour and a bit from us.


The scenery on the way.  I think countryside in England is really beautiful although it looks even more beautiful in early summer because by now it’s looking quite brown (beige) rather than green.






We’ve been to a few lavender farms in England but this one is the best, very large and impressive.  There were lots of clouds in the sky but the sun did come out now and again. When it’s out it was quite hot but when it’s hidden it felt a little chilly.  Last year we stopped here on our way to Oxford to attend our nephew’s wedding on the following day and it was in the middl of heatwave.  I remember how hot it was, we couldn’t walk much in the field for this reason.  This year it wasn’t that hot so we did walk.  Last year we went a couple of weeks earlier and I would say that today it was a bit past the peak today (we wanted to go last week but it was either not good weather or we had something we had to do), but it was still very pretty.


The entrance fee is £5 per person.  There was a big sign saying that it wasn’t a “pick your own” farm and to not pick the flowers but we saw a guy picking them!  He could buy a bunch in the shop!







We had a blueberry muffin and tea, I had earl grey tea but it was more like lavender tea.




I hope we’ll be there together again next year!



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