Pasta With Homemade Salsiccia & Tomato Sauce


It was changeable weather today, it looked like it could rain sometimes but I don’t think it actually did, just threatening now and again.  We stayed home all day but did gardening for an hour or so to tidy up here and there.  The tall verbenas are still leaning badly, we cannot put them straight so gave up and just cut the dead stems.  They are making the front garden very untidy.  Cat mint and salvias are over and lavenders are looking faded now, so just some clematis (not very noticeable as they are dark coloured and small and shaped like bells), dahlias and verbenas are out.  I have a feeling salvias and cat mint flowered earlier this year than last year.  Roses have buds for the second time, so hopefully they’ll bloom soon.  The large dinner plate dahlias are just starting to open.  I must do a garden update soon.

今日の夕食は、またまたパスタ。パスタは簡単で適当でも美味しくできるので、ついつい、困るとパスタにしてしまいます。今日は豚ミンチを使って、La Table Enchate のズームレッスンで以前教えていただいたサルシッチャ(イタリア風のソーセージ)を作って、外側を焼いてから玉ねぎとニンニクを炒めて缶トマトを加えたところに加えて、フレッシュのローズマリーの微塵切りも加えて少し煮つめたものをソースにしました。サルシッチャにフェンネルが入っているのが好きなのでレッスンのレシピにフェンネルを加えて、今日は少しスパイシーにしたくて辛いパプリカ(粉)も加えましたが、これが本当に美味しいです。パスタは、タリアテッレ。

Today’s dinner was pasta again, we have pasta often as it’s my go-to.  It’s easy and quick to cook and almost always delicious.  Today, we made  homemade Salsiccia (Italian sausages) from minced pork and used it for the pasta sauce.  I sauteed garlic and onion, then added a tin of tomatoes and the salsciccia balls that had been browned outside, added some finely chopped fresh rosemary and cooked it down to make it the pasta sauce.  The recipe for the salsiccia is from a Zoom cooking class done by La Table Enchante but as we love salsiccia with fennel we added some as well as some spicy paprika powder for a bit of a kick.  These salsiccia are so delicious!  We used tagliatelle for the pasta.


I don’t remember thinking this in Japan but in Hong Kong, Singapore and here, I often think “Home cooked (not just by us but also by our friends) meals are much more tasty than what we eat in many restaurants”, and that’s what we thought today, too.  This is such an easy but delicious meal.  There are some salsiccia left so we’ll probably use it for sandwiches for lunch.





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