Vietnamese Style Noodles With Vegetables


It was down to 10C early this morning, I cannot believe it’s July!  It did get warmer (22C) during the day, though.  It seems a bit sad that the summer was those 2 or 3 weeks in June, but this is better than the extremely hot weather in Italy, Greece, and some parts in the US etc.


Although it was good weather during the day it started to rain in early evening and it looked dark by the time we started having dinner.  The sun set is still around 9:00pm but it starts to get dark much earlier when the weather isn’t good and it makes me feel we are already in autumn.

冷たい麺を食べたくなる気候ではないのですが暑くなるのを待っていたらいつになるかわからないので、今日の夕食は少し前に「La Table Enchantee 」のズームレッスンで習った「ベトナム風野菜たくさんと麺の和えもの」にしました。ブンのような感じです。麺は迷ったのですが、オンラインスーパーでオーダーしていたマークス&スペンサーズの中華麺(細麺)を使ってみました。やはり春雨の方がベトナムらしさが出てドレッシングの味も染み込みやすいと思うので、次回は春雨で作ってみようと思います。

Although the weather isn’t warm enough to crave for cold noodles, we don’t know when it’ll be warm enough so we had a cold noodle dish today. We tried “Vietnamese Style Noodle Salad with Lots of Vegetables”, which is what I learned at a Zoom cooking class of La Table Enchantee.  In the end we decided to use Egg Noodles from Marks & Spencer’s, but vermicelli would have been more like Vietnamese style, it’ll probably absorb the dressing better as well, so we’ll try vermicelli next time.


As raw carrots might be too hard to eat, but I didn’t want to cook them, we poured some of the dressing well in advance so they’d be slightly softer.   We also added some parcels of gyoza filling wrapped in Vietnamese spring roll skin and cooked in sesame oil on both sides so they are nice and crispy (my husband was in charge of these) as we had some in the freezer (without the Vietnamese spring roll skin) that we froze when we made them last time.  For herbs, we used shiso & Vietnamese mint (Vietnamese coriander) and coriander leaves.




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