Vegetable Curry


It was another miserable dark day, it rained quite a lot.  It looks like it’ll be sunny tomorrow, thank Goodness.  I said it was like autumn but perhaps it’s more like rainy season in Japan, it’s been raining quite a lot recently and feels humid.


We had our carpets cleaned today.  After the main renovation, just before we came back after being away for a month,  our interior decorator organised for all the carpets to get cleaned but we started seeing stains here and there slowly.  There were some black stains made by the hoovering robots, they sometimes get stuck in a corner between a wall and furniture and makes black stains on the carpet.  The worst stain is quite a large one in the master bedroom, which is where previous owner’s dog peed.  It was gone after the first cleaning but apparently they tend to re-appear after a while and it did.  I’m glad they are all gone now and all the carpets are looking nice and clean.


Today’s dinner was a vegetable curry.  I cook it in the way you cook Indian curry, which starts with stauteeing onion, then adding garlic & ginger, then spices, then tomatoes… but in the end I added Japanese curry roux so it’s more like Japanese curry than Indian.  The rice was cooked with a packet of 15 different grains, beans, and seeds.




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