Gathering With Friends


A good friend of mine asked me if we would like to join them for lunch on the 24th because a mutual couple friends were going to be staying with them and they would go to a pub with 3 other friends (and 2 are our mutual friends).  I told her that (as I just posted,) I was going to be at an afternoon tea gathering of the embroidery group and I volunteered to bake Madeleines so I couldn’t back out, but we could join them for tea or coffee after they have their lunch.  She told me then that she would have to prepare a supper anyway as all 5 of them were staying with them and so we could join the supper.


She asked me what I would do for a supper when they have all had a big lunch, so I told her something like ham, cheese, bread and a salad or two would be plenty and she agreed.  I told her we would take cheese and 2 salads because I knew she would be very busy when 5 of her friends were staying and this way she wouldn’t have to do too much for the supper.  However, when we arrived, the table was already full of foods!


So, there were 9 of us altogether, all from Hong Kong days.  I didn’t know one of them but all 4 ladies including me were in a Mahjong Group and we used to get together not only for mahjong but for dinner parties at one household or another.  One couple live in England and we see them now and again but we hadn’t seen the couple from NZ probably something like 13 or 14 years.  They didn’t seem any different and looked very well and happy, which was lovely to see.


I took roasted red and yellow peppers with garlic, tomato, salt & olive oil (at the end of the table) and Peach, Mozzarella & Parma Ham salad (around the middle of the table).  They all seem to have liked both, I was happy to see.  There were hams, salamis, dips, pork pies, smoked salmon and more.  One of them cooked something like small Greek pancakes of courgette, feta cheese and mint.


I wasn’t very hungry as I’d had afternoon tea only a few hours earlier but I enjoyed what I had, it was all delicious.  We didn’t stay very long because I was a little tired after the afternoon tea gathering but I was very happy to see the friends we hadn’t seen for a long time.




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