Trip To Exeter / Day 1 / Dinner

Gidleigh Park での1日目は、ホテルのレストランで食事をしました。このレストランは長年ミシュランの2つ星でしたがその後1つ星になり、昨年はシェフが変わってから審査をする時間がなかったため星がなかったそうですが、今年また1つ星を獲得しています。

We had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant on the 1st day at Gidleigh Park.  They had 2 Michelin stars for many many years but it was reduced to 1 star some years ago.  They had no star last year but they gained 1 back this year.

マイケル・ケインさんがヘッドシェフだった時のお料理は、ごくごく伝統的なフレンチでとてもヘビーでわたしには単調に感じられ好みではなかったですし、その後シェフが何度か変わられてモダンになっていただきやすくはなったものの、塩分が多過ぎたりいろいろな点でわたしの好みではなかったです。今は、2019年9月にヘッドシェフとして来られた、Chris Eden さんのお料理でした。ミシュランの1つ星。

When they had 2 Michelin stars under the head chef Michael Caines, their cooking was very traditional French, very heavy and to me not very interesting.  The more recent chefs have been serving a more modern and lighter style but I often found they were heavy handed with salt and the style wasn’t something I liked.  The current chef, Chris Eden, has been there since 2019 and has one Michelin star.


When a hotel has a lounge, we in general have pre-drinks in the lounge before dinner.  This is the amuse we had with the pre-drinks.






These are 3 amuse at the table.



I had Tomatoes for a starter.  So many restaurants serve either “tomatoes” or “beets” as vegetarian starters – so boring!  Tomatoes don’t have much taste other than being sour, I would enjoy them more if they were sweet like Japanese ones.  I think there was also some ricotta cheese here and there.  To be honest it was quite ordinary, I guess they don’t want to spend a lot of effort on vegetarian dishes.


My husband’s starter was Mackerel, which he said was very good.



My main was beef, which was very nice.  I think I enjoyed this dish more than any other dish I’ve had in this restaurant.  The beef was tender, not gamy, the sauce was tasty, I think it was black garlic sauce.  Little onion pickles were a nice accent, too.







My husband’s main was lamb, which he enjoyed very much.


Pre-dessert.  Very nice.



My dessert, “Honey”.  Honey and lemon flavoured dessert, which I enjoyed.


My husband’s dessert was Chocolate Mousse.


Coffee back in the lounge.  They stopped serving a lot of petit four like they used to do before, they now serve only 2 each.  One was some kind of white chocolate type of thing, the other was some meringue.



So, I enjoyed this meal more than any other meals I’ve had in this restaurant.



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