Trip To Exeter / Day 1 / Pub Lunch

デボン州に向かう途中、パブでランチをしました。今回寄ったパブは、ドーチェスターの「The Poet Laureate」というパブ。昔からある伝統的なタイプの内装です。

On the way to Devon, we stopped at a pub for lunch.  This time we went to “The Poet Laureate”, which had quite a traditional interior.



My husband had scampi, which came with huge amount of chips.  He left quite a lot of the chips, though.


I had sausages & ale chutney sandwich, it was quite good.


The scenery while we were driving – beautiful countryside that I love about the UK.  On the day, it was raining most of the time, sometimes very heavily, so it was very tiring to drive.  This is when we were near Exeter, when it finally stopped raining.

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