Dinner With Friends From New Zealand

香港時代に知り合ったお友達ご夫婦がニュージーランドからイギリスにお住まいの娘さんご家族を訪ねてイギリスにご滞在中で、今日から2泊で遊びに来てくださっています。丁度4時のお茶の時間くらいに到着されたので、昨日ショーラムの La Patisserieで買ってきたタルトをお茶と一緒にいただいて(写真はすっかり撮り忘れました)、お家の中をご案内して、今日は家で夕食をしました。

A couple who were our friends in Hong Kong all those years ago are visiting  England from New Zealand to spend some time with their daughter and her family and they are with us for a couple of nights from today.  They arrived around 4:00pm, which is a tea time so we had tea and the cakes that we bought from La Patisserie yesterday (I forgot to take photos) first, then we took them around our house before dinner.


For the starter, I made Peach, Mozzarella & Parma Ham Salad again, which I’ve made a few times recently.  I feel it’s a bit different from usual salad, especially to western people, and it’s nice and light and refreshing.  (I forgot to take a photo).  For the main, I cooked Chicken with black olives and tomatoes with carrot & onion pilau and green beans.  I totally forgot to cook the green beans so I did that while my husband was plating the rest.  As I was in a hurry I wasn’t thinking properly and the amount of green beans was a bit too small for 4 people.  Then we had Camembert for a dessert.  I forgot to take photos other than the main – I took 2 photos using my iPhone.


I suppose it’s because I’m not used to entertaining people these days, I kept forgetting to take photos – and even forgot to cook green beans! – but at least none of the mistakes were too significant.


We hadn’t seen our friends for a year, and we don’t see them often,so there is so much to talk about, we didn’t stop chatting until late at night.  We are planning to go to Arundel tomorrow.  Although it rained for a short time it was mostly dry and quite sunny and it’s expected to be sunny tomorrow again, which is great.  The weather does make a big difference when you visit places.



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