Lunch In Arundel (M & B)

今日は昨日から泊まりに来てくださっているお友達ご夫婦とアランデル城に行ったので、その前にアランデルのカフェ「M & B」でランチをしました。このカフェにはコロナ前には良く行っていましたがその後はあまり行かなくなり、ちょっと久しぶりでした。

We went to Arundel Castle with the friends who are staying with us, but before that we had lunch at a cafe “M & B”.  We used to go there quite often before the pandemic but haven’t been there so many times since, it’s been a little while since we were there last.


I had BLT Toastie, which was very nice.


My husband and my friend’s husband had Egg Benedict and my friend had Egg Benedict but asked them to change poached eggs to scrambled eggs.  We quite like this cafe as it has nice vibe but it was so buzzy and noisy that it was hard to have conversations amongst us.


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