Arundel Castle


We went to Arundel Castle with our friends, who are staying with us.  There are 2 obvious places to take visitors near here, one is Petworth (House & Garden) and the other is Arundel Castle.  They stopped at Petworth on their way to us yesterday, so we went to Arundel Castle.  This is our 3rd time to visit Arundel Castle this year, today we saw a lot of hydrangeas, roses, fan flowers etc. and it was very green and lush.


When we arrived it was very sunny but then it became cloudy.  Photos look better when it’s cloudy but I’m glad it didn’t rain.  Sceneries don’t look as nice if it rains and it would be unpleasant to walk in the rain.


Arundel was quite busy today and my husband had to drive around in the car park for a while before he got a slot. The gardens in Arundel Castle are large so we didn’t see that many people but Castle was a little busy.  I hear that it can get quite difficult to find a parking slot in Arundel in summer as it is very popular.























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