Trip To Exeter / Day 2 / Supper


On the day after we arrived in Devon, we attended the funeral of my ‘English Mum’ from 12:30.  Maybe this is happening in Japan, too, but there seem to be various styles of funerals these days, this one we attended was not a very religious type.  There was no speech from a priest, the person in charge from the funeral company did a speech about what my “English Mum” was like, what her life was like, and told us some funny episodes of her.  Then those who can sang a hymn, then they showed some photos of her and her family on the screen.


I think it finished in about 30 minutes, then we went to a pub, where my “English Dad” used to go and have drinks with his friends, where they served things like sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche etc.  We had some of the food at a table talking with people who sat near us, then left to go back to the hotel.


We had supper in the hotel bar this day.


My husband had Gnocchi with truffles.


I had Chicken Caesar Salad without anchovies – sadly it really wasn’t enjoyable at all.  (I’ve had sandwiches here before and they weren’t enjoyable at all either).  There was very little dressing on the salad, and the dressing that there was didn’t have much taste.  In Japan, you can get delicious sandwiches and salads in most places, in a little coffee shop for example, but how can a simple salad like this be so boring in a hotel whose restaurant has one Michelin star?  Sandwiches and salads you get from any supermarket are better than this.




For dessert, my husband had Chocolate Brownie.


I had Lemon verbena flavoured creme caramel.  This was good, although the creme caramel wasn’t lemon verbena flavoured, the sauce was.



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