Dinner At Thai Time In Arundel

昨日は、お友達ご夫婦とアランデル城から戻って夕食に出かけるまでの時間は、各自で本を読んだり休んだりして過ごし、夕食はアランデルの「Thai Time」に行きました。この辺りの行ったことがあるレストランの中で、わたしたちの一番お気に入りのレストラン。

After we came back from Arundel Castle with our friends, we just spent the time until dinner doing what each person wanted to do – reading a book, listening to music, having a rest, emailing, etc.  Then we went to “Thai Time” in Arundel for dinner together.  Amongst all of the restaurants we’ve been to around here, this is our favourite.



Fried sweet corn with red curry flavour.


Vegetable spring rolls, we ordered 2 plates.


Chicken Satay.


Vegetable Tempura (I didn’t eat these so I don’t know what they were like.)


Stir-fried chicken & cashew nuts.


Moo Laab (minced pork salad).


Stir-fried mince pork with basil.


Stir-fried duck.


For dessert we shared 2 plates of banana fritters.  I don’t know why but the other dishes are quite consistently good but their banana fritters seem to be different every time.  Yesterday, they were over cooked and greasy, not as good as the ones we’ve had other times.



I didn’t have any of the vegetable tempura or stir-fried duck so I don’t know what they were like and I didn’t enjoy banana fritters, but the others were all very good.  There was very little of anything left and we had most of what we ordered so I think we ordered right amount of food.  Each of us had beer or some soft drink and we paid £29 per couple – which I think is very inexpensive for England.




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