Porcelain Painting


I tried a porcelain painting at my next-door neighbour’s today for the first time.  Until they moved here, she was teaching porcelain painting for many years where they lived and she has been telling me that she would invite me to try it.  As it’s my first time, she showed me how to paint 2 cherries.  As I imagined even the simplest stroke was not easy, my hand didn’t move the way I wanted it to but it was a lot of fun to try.  If I could take a lesson regularly my hand will learn how to move it and it’s fun to feel how I get better at it, but I doubt very much if I can try as regularly as that.  However, even trying this occasionally would be fun.


I meant to take photos of the process but all I took was the beginning and the ending.





This is the painting I did today.  This is the first painting, it’s being fired now and I think I’ll need to paint over it a couple of more times to make them darker and give more depth.  I cannot claim I painted this all on my own, my friend helped me here and there.




My husband is away today and won’t be back tonight, he is going to a jazz concert in Royal Albert Hall with his younger brother.  When he was working he was away about half of each month or so when we lived in Japan and Hong Kong, and was still away quite often when we were in Singapore, but this is the first time he is not at home overnight since we moved to England!  I am used to being alone so I’m not nervous or anything, but somehow it does feel a bit strange.



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