Waitrose Washoku Menyu / Chicken Karaage & Steamed Buns

今月からウェイトローズ(Waitrose)というスーパーで日本の方が開発に関わられた「和食メニュー(Washoku Menyu)」というシリーズを置かれているというので、昨日、夫と行っていくつか買って来てみました。田舎に住んでいると、こんなことでもなんだか新鮮だったりします。その中の2つ、”Chicken Karaage”「チキンの唐揚げ」と”Steamed Buns”「蒸した包」というのを今日のランチにいただいてみました。

Waitrose started to sell their “Washoku Menyu” series this month and I’ve read that a Japanese lady living here in the UK was involved in the development of them, so we went to a Waitrose yesterday and bought some to try.  As we live in the countryside, where nothing much goes on, even a thing like this gives us a little excitement!  We tried “Chicken Karaage” and “Steamed Buns” for lunch today.





You bake chicken karaage in the oven at 200C and microwave the baos to warm them up.  Chicken had lovely crispy/crunchy texture and tasted good as well but I personally prefer the ones from Marks & Spencers as they have more flavour of ginger. These were good, too, though.  However they were a little dry.  As they are already cooked you just need to warm them up so I feel we should have cooked them a bit shorter to keep the moisture of the chicken.  We thought that we should have used lettuce or something (maybe coleslaw would have been great) in the baos, you want some sort of vegetables.  For the sauce we mixed mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce.  (Not sure if these steamed buns are Japanese……)



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