Waitrose Washoku Menyu / Slow Cooked Chilli Miso Beef

ウェイトローズ(Waitrose)の「和食メニュー(Washoku Menyu)」シリーズ、2食目のトライ。夫がいないので、今日の夕食に「Slow Cooked Chilli Miso Beef」(チリ・味噌味のビーフの煮込み)を食べてみました。買った時、気が付かなかったのですが、これは2人分でした。夫にメッセージで「2人分だった、どうしよう、戻って来てから一緒に食べる?」と聞いてみたら、「今日食べれば?残ったら、僕がランチで食べる。」というのでそうすることに。

The 2nd meal of “Washoku Menyu” series.  As my husband isn’t home, I tried their “Slow Cooked Chilli Miso Beef”.  We didn’t notice when we bought it but it’s for 2 people, so I messaged my husband to see if he wanted to try it together but he told me to have it and he said he would eat the left-over for lunch.


I didn’t read the instruction when we bought it, but this one also needed to be in the oven for 25 minutes at 200C.  I somehow assumed that you can have it just by microwaving it.  It seems a bit of a bother to have to cook in the oven to me, but I suppose most English people are happy to use the oven as they are used to it.  So, you open the vacuum pack (I was wondering how come the eat by date was more than a week away but I suppose it’s because it’s vacuum packed) and empty the lump of beef in a oven safe container, cover it with aluminium foil and bake it in the oven at 200C for 15 minutes, take it out, get rid of the juice that came out of the beef, shred the beef with two forks, pour on the sauce, then put it back to the oven for a further 10 minutes.    Like the chicken we had for lunch, I felt we don’t need to bake this for as long as the instructions say, specially the part after you take the aluminium foil off because the sauce dries up too much.


When I took the beef out of the vacuum pack, I smelled that particular smell of gamy fat so I was quite scared of trying it but it actually didn’t taste gamy at all and it was tasty.  I would have liked more chilli, though, so maybe next time I would add some.


You cannot have just this so I stir-fried onion, carrot & stem broccoli to have with the beef, but I wonder what you are supposed to do.  On the package photo, it looks like it’s served with boiled stem broccoli.  I wish some vegetables came with it but I guess then the eat by date would be shorter with vegetables.  Anyway, it tasted very good.  Not very sure if I would call it a Japanese meal, though.






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