Carrot & Coriander Soup And Fig & Parma Ham Salad With Cheese


It was raining on and off, sometimes very heavily, so felt cold all day.  I guess because it’s been like this for the last few days, it feels cold inside the house, our bedroom last night was 21C, which I seldom see because it’s usually warmer in winter with heating on downstairs.  I even started to wear tights yesterday.


In the farm shop we stopped at on our way home yesterday, we bought some figs that looked ripe enough so we wanted to have them with Parma Ham so made a salad with them.  It goes well with cheese so we had it with cheese.  The figs were better than many we’ve had, I haven’t had really good figs here, I guess it’s to do with the climate.  Cheese was Appenzelar (6 months), Brie de Meaux & Pevensey Blue.  Pevensey Blue is from Sussex and we tried it for the first time.  Unfortunately it’s gone past the best, and had an ammonia smell.

サラダだけでは寒く感じる気候なので、その前にスープも。スープはサーモミックスと連携している Cookidoo のレシピから、「人参とコリアンダーのスープ」をサーモミックスを使って作りました。材料を入れるとほぼ勝手に作業してくれます。レシピではスープストックだけでなくミルクか生クリームを入れるのですが、わたしはスープストックだけの方が好みの味なので入れませんでした。様子を見てと思っていましたが入れなくてもとろみも丁度良かったです。入れるならスープストックの量を減らした方が良いと思います。あまり人参の味はしなかったのですが(わたしがたくさんコリアンダーを入れたからかもですが)、コリアンダーの味がしっかりして、とても美味しかったです。

As it feels too cold to have just salad, we also made a soup using the Thermomix – “Carrot & coriander soup” from Cookidoo.   The recipe says use some milk or cream as well as soup stock but I like soup without milk or cream in it so we tried it just with soup stock.  We could have added some milk or cream but it was delicious without and the thickness was just right, too.   If you are adding milk or cream I think it’s better to reduce the amount of soup stock.  It didn’t taste much of carrots but strongly of coriander and we really enjoyed it.








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