Japan Holiday / Shabu Shabu With Family Friends


We had dinner with our friends, who came to  visit from Tokyo at a Shabu-Tei in Nishi Umeda today.


We were introduced to this restaurant by a friend of mine very soon after we got married (or could have been even before) so we’ve been going there for more than 30 years. We always went there when we had enough time when we stay in Kobe, but I have a feeling we hadn’t been there for some years because if my husband stayed in Kobe only for a few days our meal times were all taken by visiting our favourite restaurants in Kobe.


We used to take their standard beef shabu shabu course but today we took their ‘special’ pork and beef course. (The menu might’ve been changed since we were there before). My husband and my friend’s husband had a ‘Jumbo’ course, which has double the quantity of meat and my friend and her daughter shared a ‘Jumbo’ course. We also added 2 portions of Congee to share. The special beef was quite marbled and also larger and thicker so more substantial than standard beef. Although I wish it included more vegetables and Tofu, we were all very full by the end so I suppose it was OK. For a dessert, my husband wanted their shiratama with red bean soup but it wasn’t available at this particular branch (it’s available only in 2 other branches), so we just had a small scoop of sorbet, which came with the course. We really love their sesame sauce, it was as delicious as ever.


This is mine, a standard size, jumbo had double.


We were all concentrating on cooking shabu shabu as you have to cook it yourself in an individual pot, but it was lovely to be together with them. Both my husband and I really appreciate them coming all the way to see us! Next time, please come to England and stay with us!

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