Japan Holiday / Family Friends Visit Us From Tokyo

シンガポールでお知り合いになったお友達ご家族(お友達、ご主人様、小さなお嬢さん)が東京から会いにきてくださいました。小さなお嬢さんがご一緒なので色々と考えて、借りているマンションに来ていただいて、ピッツァでもとりましょう、ということになりました。簡単に無花果と生ハムの1皿とサラダ菜とトマトと玉ねぎのサラダを作り(ほとんど何も揃っていないのでまともなものは作れず)、Uber Eats で「ナポリの窯」のピッツァ2種類を2枚ずつ、パスタを2種類を1つずつオーダーしたら、多すぎました(笑)。

A friend and her family (her husband and their little daughter) came to see us from Tokyo today. We met them originally in Singapore and got together a few times at our apartment there. After thinking where would be good to go for a meal together here in Kobe, I asked if they would like to come to the apartment we are renting and we could order some pizza because it would be easier with their little girl, and so that’s what we did. I made a plate of figs and Parma Ham and a simple salad of tomatoes, lettuce and onion then ordered 2 each of 2 kinds of pizza and 2 kinds of pasta (1 each) – it was much too much so we’ll have to have the left-over for lunch tomorrow!


I totally forgot to take photos of the salads and pizza before we started eating, these are the only photos I took during the gathering.


We had Shine Muscat Grapes (I must say these weren’t very sweet comparing to those that we bought soon after we arrived in Kobe, I guess some are just sweeter than others, or does freezing them make them sweeter??), then we had some single malt whisky while watching the baseball game. My husband turned the TV on as he wanted to see how Tigers were doing. When they didn’t look they had a chance to win the game, we gave up and went out with our friends to show them how to get to the nearest station. We had such a lovely evening, but we’ll see them again tomorrow, so we can look forward to another lovely evening with them then.

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