Japan Holiday / Quick Family Lunch


My sister has an arrangement with a priest to visit her apartment every first Saturday of the month, which is the closest Saturday to the day my Mum passed away, to perform a simple memorial service. There was a major ceremony in July last year (the 7th year after death) but we weren’t able to come over and we thought it would be good to be there for this smaller regular service as we are in Japan on the first Saturday of this month. Mum used to love flowers so we took a small bunch of flowers.


As we were together as a family, we had a quick lunch afterwards in a Udon restaurant nearby.


I like their Kakiage (deep-friend thinly cut vegetables) and thought my husband would like it too but he chose Curry Udon instead as he loves curry. To be honest, my husband never much liked Udon noodles, I think this was the first time he’s had it since we left Japan 25 years ago. He was eating it saying “So delicious” so I asked him if he is enjoying it and he said, “Yes, but I would enjoy it more if there was no udon in it.” Haha! He did change his mind later and said he actually quite liked the udon this time. I think many western people dislike it because it’s hard to eat and also it doesn’t absorb much of the flavour of the soup (it’s usually served in soup).


Except myself, all the other 3 had Bukkake Udon with Tempura (it’s Udon you eat just after pouring a sauce over with Tempura) – cold today as it’s quite warm here.


I had Bukkake Udon with Kakiage. It was very good, I really enjoyed the texture of the Udon.

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