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I had a massage before lunch yesterday at “Michelle K”, which is in the building next to the apartment we’ve been staying in. I had it once earlier in our stay, so this was the 2nd time for this.


You have the whole room to yourself, the room is very clean, towels and pyjamas you change into are all freshly washed, the massage bed is nice and warm and the massage is excellent. I’ve had it done in many places around the world, but in many places outside Japan you don’t get pressure applied right where there is a pressure point, it’s often slightly off. Here, every push was on the right spot. She sounded surprised how tight my whole body is, I didn’t think it was that bad but apparently it was. You can ask for more or less pressure as you like. I had a whole body massage to loosen the muscles for an hour, plus 20 minutes of dry head massage, and it was 6,000 yen. There are some less expensive places, I know, but this place is very nice and it’s worth spending a little extra.

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