Jools’s Favourite Beef Stew

今日夫が作ってくれたディナーは、ジェイミーオリバーの「Jools’s favourite beef stew」(ジェイミーオリバーの奥さんが大好きなビーフシチュー)というものでした。何度か書いているのですが、ビーフシチューはビーフを最初に焼き付けるというのが基本のレシピですが、このレシピでは焼かずに煮てしまいます。ジェイミーオリバーは、焼いた場合と焼かない場合を実験してみたところむしろ焼かない方が美味しかったとどこかに書かれていました。わたしはそういう実験をして比べたことはないのですが、焼かずに作って見た結果(焼き付ける時、ここは煙などファンが吸い取った空気が外に出るように出来ていないのでキッチン中油だらけになってしまうので)、それで味が落ちるようには感じないので、焼き付けないことも多いのです。

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Jamie Oliver’s “Jool’s favourite beef stew”. I’ve written this a few times before but while you are supposed to brown beef pieces before stewing in most recipes, Jamie Oliver says he did a comparison and found that when he didn’t brown the beef first it actually came out better – so I do it this way often, too. I haven’t made the comparison myself but I never thought it was worse when I don’t brown the beef.


We used shin of beef today. Vegetables he used are onion, carrot, new potatoes, parsnips, and butternut squash. Although the recipe tells you to cook the vegetables with beef we changed it and add half of vegetables first then add the other half after cooking for an hour and a half because if you cook all the vegetables from the beginning the softer vegetabls like parsnip and butternut squash become mushy. This way you get some mush, which adds thickness and sweetness to the sauce, and some in chunks for more texture.


The mixture of grated lemon rind, chopped garlic and chopped rosemary which is sprinkled on top right after serving makes this even more delicious. It was yummy!

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